Local author signs books aboard famous Night Riviera

Wednesday 30th October 2013
Bestselling Falmouth author Emily Barr hosted a very special book signing event on the Penzance to London sleeper train on Friday 4th October, to celebrate the publication of her Night Riviera inspired new novel, ˜The Sleeper".

˜The Sleeper" tells the story of Lara Finch, a Cornwall resident and bored wife, who is offered a new job that involves commuting to London by sleeper train. But after starting an illicit affair, Lara vanishes from the night train without a trace.

Supported by First Great Western, Barr climbed on board the 21.45 service from Penzance to Paddington, to the delight of both staff and customers.

Barr's novels have sold over half a million copies, and ˜The Sleeper" has been described by international bestselling author Elizabeth Haynes as "breathless, compulsive reading."

Barr said: "There is no better way to cover the 300 miles between Cornwall and London than by sleeper train. Apart from practical considerations (doing the journey asleep frees up many hours), there is something supremely romantic about travelling by night. 

"The cabins are small, but the duvets are surprisingly comfortable, and the fact that when you get on someone asks what you want on your breakfast tray is an indication that your journey will be a good one. 

"Sitting up in the bar means you will automatically get talking to strangers; and believe me, everyone on that train has a story.

"I loved the sleeper train as a setting for my book - train fiction is a compelling thing to write. And I love the train as a way of getting from my home to London. When else will you lounge in bed under a duvet, at Paddington station?"

First Great Western's On-Board Customer Service Manager Maggie Treloar said:

"First Great Western is committed to supporting the communities we serve, and what better way than to have a book signing, about the sleeper, on board. "We are proud of the sleeper's heritage, and with two additional carriages on the way, we look forward to improving services during the forthcoming franchise. In the meantime, while away your journey with a book which we will continue to stock on-board."

The sleeper operates six nights a week between London Paddington and Penzance. More information.

"The Sleeper" by Emily Barr is published in paperback by Headline Books, priced £7.99.