Professional polo players and ponies welcome commuters at London Paddington

Monday 30th June 2014
Ponies and players from First Great Western’s professional polo team made an appearance at London Paddington station this morning to celebrate this coming weekend’s popular event ‘Polo on the Beach’ - a polo match which takes place each year on Watergate Bay – one of Cornwall’s popular surfing beaches. 

Bleary eyed commuters were stunned to find the two equestrian beauties and polo team players, Amy Guy and Richard Blake Thomas, greet them as they stepped off the first First Great Western service in to London Paddington this morning. 

First Great Western, who sponsor this annual event, will transport spectators down to Cornwall this weekend as well as the team that make Polo on the Beach happen – the players and grooms. 

Over the summer, thousands of passengers will travel across the country on First Great Western high speed trains to enjoy their summer holidays and minibreaks in this beautiful part of the country. The horse power for these high speed trains is 2250, they are driven by a power car that weighs 70 tonnes and is almost 18 meters in length and 3 meters wide.