Save money on your commute to work

Wednesday 11th June 2014
Do you want to save money on your commute to work? Then help is at hand as First Great Western launches a partnership with carpooling giant Liftshare.

Allowing rail customers the opportunity to benefit from all the convenience of the car while travelling to and from the railway station, the FGW Liftshare partnership aims to help rail passengers save money and make new friends.

A dedicated page on the First Great Western website allows rail customers to sign up for free, allowing them to meet like-minded car poolers. Sign up to meet likeminded drivers here.

First Great Western’s Jonathan Willoughby explains:

“Whether you’re a business person travelling to a meeting, or a leisure traveller taking a day out, many people would like to take advantage of the train but are put-off by having to travel to and from a station.

“FGW Liftshare provides the perfect solution, enabling customers to reduce congestion and pollution, share the cost of parking, and save money on fuel.”

Just over a quarter of commuters currently car-share when travelling to work - with a further one in seven considering it.

Liftshare’s Head of Membership, Cecilia Bromley-Martin said:

“With over 80,000 members of the network across the South West, First Great Western customers already have a huge pool of potential matches for the journeys they want to share. Sharing lifts reduces the stress of a commute, as well as saving you money, making the journey safer and introducing you to new friends.

“If you have a long drive to the station, or would like to split parking costs, sharing with other commuters could make a huge difference to you.

”Research shows that saving money is the biggest reason to explore sharing transport for the commute, while reduced stress, and improving journey times was also important.

The emergence of more two plus lanes, rising petrol prices and the ability to reduce parking stress were also key drives for people considering car sharing going forward.

Jonathan added:

“Committed to the communities we serve, we hope this service will help both customers and staff travel in a more sustainable way, sharing their journey to our stations, and then onwards by train.”

As one member, Mel, said: “It’s easy to use, good matches and quick successful outcomes! A perfect tool for the commuter.

”Existing Liftshare schemes are currently in operation in the following locations. Sign up, make new carpool buddies, and save money today:

Surrey – Surrey Liftshare
Reading – Carshare Reading
Wokingham – Wokingham Liftshare
Bracknell – Bracknell Forest Travelshare
Oxfordshire – Oxfordshire Liftshare
Bath - TravelWest
Gloucestershire – Carshare Gloucestershire
Hampshire – Hants Carshare
East Sussex –
West Sussex – West Sussex Carshare
Cornwall – Carshare Cornwall
Devon – Carshare Devon
Somerset – Carshare Somerset
Dorset – Carshare Dorset
Wiltshire – Carshare Wiltshire