First Great Western responds to TSSA claims

Thursday 22nd January 2015
First Great Western has categorically denied claims made by the TSSA that it is to de-recognise the union. 

The TSSA currently represents manager grades within First Great Western under a bi-lateral Collective Bargaining Agreement, which was agreed in 2008. (They do not represent on board or catering staff, who are represented by the RMT).

As part of the deal, either party could end the agreement following a period of six month's notice, which FGW gave in November last year. 

A First Great Western spokesman said: 

"It is not true that we are de-recognising the TSSA throughout First Great Western, however we have decided to terminate one of the many agreements that we have with them, which specifically relates to Collective Bargaining for Management Grades. The TSSA will retain recognition rights to represent Revenue Protection Grades, Sales and Booking Office Grade, restructured Station team grades and clerical officers. 

"The agreement was signed with the stated purpose of being mutually beneficial to all parties, and we believe that it is no longer achieving that aim. In November, we therefore gave the TSSA the agreed six month's notice of our intention to end the agreement.

"We have been very clear to the TSSA leadership that they are free to seek statutory recognition, which would involve a ballot of all of our management colleagues. We would fully cooperate with that process."

"No other union or agreement is affected by this decision."

Managers, of course, remain free to be members of the TSSA, and be represented by them at any disciplinary and grievance procedures. 

FGW has been very clear in talking to the TSSA and would be fully co-operative if they wanted to seek statutory recognition among manager grades - which would involve a full voting process among all managers.