London to Exeter


London Paddington (PAD)


Exeter St David's (EXD)

Average Journey Time:

2 hours 10 minutes



How long is the journey by train from London to Exeter St Davids?

Journeys between London Paddington and Exeter St Davids take around 2 hours 10 minutes, but can be longer on public holidays, and at weekends.

Our fastest service takes just 2 hours.

How often do trains run from London Paddington to Exeter?

With up to 72 trains making the trip from London Paddington to Exeter St Davids every day, trains usually depart every half an hour.

What other stations do trains call at?

The fastest direct trains from London Paddington call at Reading, Newbury, and Taunton before they reach Exeter St Davids station.

What’s on board?

From free Wi-Fi to quiet carriages there are a range of services on board our trains from London Paddington to Exeter. Here’s what you can expect on board our trains during your journey:
Quiet carriages
*Registration required to access the on board Wi-Fi

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