Bristol Parkway and Cardiff area

This autumn, Network Rail will be building a new platform at Bristol Parkway, and making track improvements, so we can be ready for our new Intercity Express Trains.

They are also carrying out work in the Severn Tunnel, Filton and Cardiff areas.

Journeys may be longer than normal, and buses will replace trains on some routes.

If you travel through Bristol Parkway at weekends, please check your train times, as there are some major changes.

TrainLeaving the train at Patchway/Filton Abbey Wood

Both stations have short platforms, which means not all train doors will be unlocked. Listen out for announcements and make sure you’re in the right part of the train before arrival.

Patchway station has no step-free access. If you are mobility-impaired, you may need to travel to or from another station. If you are registered disabled, we will arrange alternative transport for you.

Book your assisted travel here.

BusReplacement buses

We’ll be using a mix of low-floor double decker buses and standard coaches.

If you are a disabled customer, and your route involves a replacement bus, please contact our Assisted Travel team.

Only folding bikes can be carried on replacement buses.

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