Newbury is going electric

Next year promises to be a very important one for train travel, as we deliver greater capacity and improved reliability across our network.

Brand new Intercity Express Trains, plus the electrification of the route between Reading and Newbury, mean journeys will be quicker and seating capacity will be increased.

To make this happen, Network Rail have been undertaking upgrade work throughout the year, with the final few closures due to take place in October.

During this time, we’ll need to make some chan
ges to the way you travel with us:

What you need to know:

  • buses will replace trains from stations between Pewsey and Theale
  • long-distance services from London to the West of England will continue to run by using a different route; some will leave from London Paddington, and Reading, at different times to normal - and journeys may be up to 30 minutes longer
  • train times may be subject to change at short notice – we recommend you check carefully before travelling

The good news is that the work is ahead of schedule. This means Network Rail no longer need to close the line in November. However, work may still take place early in the morning or late at night, so be sure to check before you travel.

How will my journey be affected?

Newbury works

  • Route between: Options
    Newbury to Reading
    • direct replacement coaches (peak times only)
    • replacement coaches to Didcot Parkway (peak times only) - change for connecting trains
    • replacement buses and coaches to Theale – change for connecting trains
    • valid rail tickets can be used on the JetBlack 1 bus from Newbury and Thatcham to Reading
    Newbury to London Paddington
    • replacement buses and coaches to Reading - change for connecting trains
    • replacement coaches to Didcot Parkway (peak times only) – change for connecting trains
    • replacement buses and coaches to Theale – change for connecting trains
    Newbury to Bedwyn Replacement buses and coaches
    Bedwyn to Reading/London Paddington
    Replacement buses and coaches to Reading (peak times only) or Theale - change for connecting trains
    Pewsey to Reading/London Paddington
    Replacement coaches to Swindon for connecting trains
    Other journeys from Pewsey  Replacement buses run to Westbury and Swindon from Pewsey, including one bus a day to/from Newbury 
    Theale to Reading and London Paddington
    Trains continue to run but at amended times with an hourly service at off-peak times

Swindon to Westbury (The TransWilts Line)

As diverted long-distance trains will use this route, stopping services between Swindon and Westbury, via Chippenham, Melksham and Trowbridge, will be changed whenever the work at Newbury is taking place.

Buses will replace off-peak trains between Chippenham and Westbury.

Trains that still run may depart earlier than normal.


Useful to know

  • Bedwyn/Newbury to Reading (peak hours) Non-stop after Newbury, 55-65 minutes from Newbury

    One bus will also run from Bedwyn at 06:25, calling at Hungerford only (06:40) before arriving into Reading at 07:35
    Newbury to Didcot Parkway (peak hours) Non-stop, 35-40 minutes
    Bedwyn/Newbury to Theale Calling at all intermediate stations. 45-50 minutes from Newbury
    Thatcham to Reading (peak hours) Non-stop, 40-45 minutes
    Westbury to Chippenham (off-peak hours) Calling at Trowbridge and Melksham. 55 minutes
    Pewsey to Swindon Non-stop, 45-55 minutes
    Pewsey to Westbury (peak hours) Non-stop, 50 minutes
    Pewsey to Newbury 07:30 one bus from Pewsey to Newbury (calling at Hungerford - set down only)

    17:20 one bus from Newbury to Pewsey (calling at Hungerford - pick up only at 17:40)

Check your journey