Railway shhh…leepers

Monday 20th April 2015
First Great Western is handing out ‘Shh…nooze’ strips to mark the start of National Stop Snoring week, as research reveals a quarter of rail passengers are unable to relax on board for fear of falling asleep and snoring.

London, Monday 20 April 2015: More than 16 million people fall asleep on trains every year with a quarter of these prone to snoring – and men are one-and-a-half times more likely to snore than women as they get some ‘R and R’ on the move. 

First Great Western today reveals that people snoring is one of the biggest annoyances for rail passengers, as three fifths (60%) admit to finding it irritating when a fellow traveller falls asleep and snores near them. A further 27% state they are too worried themselves to sit back and properly relax for fear of dozing off and starting to snore.

One in five (20%) passengers would attempt to wake a fellow traveller who was snoring, while at least one in five also admits to dribbling (21%) and a third sleeping with their mouth wide open (34%). 

The average snore reaches a volume of around 50 decibels, but with one of the loudest snorers recorded in the UK at a window-rattling 111.6 decibels – it’s no wonder passengers fear the embarrassment of forty winks. 

Following this research, commissioned to mark the start of National Stop Snoring Week today, First Great Western is giving out nasal ‘Shhh…nooze Strips’ to passengers as they board their train at Paddington.

Commenting on the attempt to reduce snores and create a more peaceful journey Jamie Anderson, FGW Campaigns Manager said: “We care about our passengers and the journeys they take with us so it was interesting to learn that having a snooze on board was actually a cause of embarrassment and stress for some. 

“Giving out our ‘Shhh…nooze Strips’ for National Stop Snoring Week is one way we’re showing that we’re dedicated to improving every aspect of our passengers’ journeys – and in this case help put the ‘shhhh’ into ‘shut-eye’.”