You’ll see the British Transport Police at many of our stations and they often travel on our trains.

You can help by always keeping your luggage and personal belongings with you. Find out more about security on the railway.

Summer Safety Campaign – #Safest Summer Ever

The summer holiday season is nearly upon us – a time for seeing family and friends; days out in the sunshine, staycations and jetting off to the sun.

Our trains and stations are always a lot busier during the holidays, so here are a few tips to help your journey go smoothly:

  • if you’ve got luggage, a buggy, or beach bags for the whole family, use the lift where you can. If you need a little extra help just ask
  • when on the stairs or escalators hold the handrail - 38% of station accidents happen on the stairs
  • don’t run at stations and get there early to avoid the rush
  • phones and tablets can be distracting. Whether you’re buying last-minute essentials, or watching your favourite film on-the-go, take care using them in the station
  • if the heat is all too much, or you are just feeling unwell – let a member of station staff know and ask for help
  • Summer days in the pub garden are great fun, but please drink responsibly and be careful on your way home
  • keep an eye out for fast trains passing through the station – always stay behind the yellow line
  • if you see someone struggling, bring some cheer and lend a helping hand

Buggies and small children

It’s best to fold your buggy to carry it on and off the train. Make sure the brake is on when you’re on the platform.

When you’re on the train, don’t block aisles or doors.

Keep your eye on your children; and help them get on and off the train.

Wheelchairs and Passenger Assist

To book, go to

At most staffed stations, a member of our team should be there to meet you. If no-one is available, speak to one of our on-board crew who will be able to help.

Don’t forget

It’s best to make a reservation if you can, as our trains may be busier than normal.

Let us know what you think

We always like to know what we’re getting right and what we could do better.

Call: 03457 000 125
Tweet: @GWRhelp

At our stations

All our stations have help points where you can get help or report any suspicious activity.

On our trains

It’s always good to take a look at the safety information when you board, as each of our trains may be different.

Seating plans

In an emergency

It’s normally safer to stay where you are and wait for instructions. But, it’s also important you know what to do.

  • if you need to stop the train, pull the alarm, then find a member of staff
  • once your train stops, leave by lowering yourself carefully through the doors; and avoid any rails that could be live
  • leave any personal belongings behind

When you’ve left the train, keep an eye out for hazards like loose rails, wires, bags and suitcases; find a safe place well away from the tracks, and wait for instructions.