First Great Western looks forward to hearing from the RMT

Wednesday 15th July 2015
First Great Western looks forward to hearing from the RMT, having made a revised offer about the introduction of Super Express Trains during talks on Tuesday aimed at resolving the dispute. 

A First Great Western spokesman said: "We have moved significantly in every area, making sure we can run these trains in the best possible way for customers, while giving the RMT clear assurances on job security and safety. We are hoping the RMT will recognise our proposal, which seeks to bridge the gap in views, will be enough to settle this dispute. 

"We don't believe there are any fundamental differences of opinion between us and the RMT on issues relating to engineering, station and dispatch staff - and have even paved the way to ensure a fully qualified guard to be on every SET in passenger service, and for buffet cars to remain in service on some routes. 

"The key issue that remains is that we want the driver to close the doors - which is key to our ability to run the faster, more frequent services, customers should expect from a 21st Century railway. We also believe the driver, with CCTV screens will have a far better view of the train than anyone else to ensure safe dispatch from each station. 

"To think that over 2,000 staff could be asked to take more strike action and further inconvenience our customers when all but one of the issues has been dealt with just doesn't make sense." First Great Western looks forward to the RMT's response following full consideration of the proposals.