Green travel

We all have a responsibility to look after the environment, which is why we’ve introduced a number of schemes to help reduce the impact of our trains – and there are a few simple things you can do too. 

What we’re doing

Our green efforts include:
  • using new engines in high-speed trains to cut fuel usage by 15%, CO2 emissions by 64% and smoke emissions by 42%
  • organising volunteers at our Reading depot to improve the site and help wildlife
  • setting up a residents committee at our Laira depot in Plymouth to lower noise and fume pollution 
  • thinking about the environmental impact of all our station refurbishments
  • introducing on-board recycling schemes and reducing packaging waste

What you can do

Taking the train is often a greener way than driving.

And greener options are available when getting to and from the station too, including:
  • Liftshare – sign up and share a car journey with another passenger
  • cycling – take your own bike or hire one when you arrive
  • eConnect cars – book an electric car 
If where you’re going is close enough, why not stretch your legs before or after your train journey and walk instead?

Bike hire

Available at Exeter St Davids and Bristol Temple Meads.