For a temporary period during the Coronavirus outbreak, we have made it as easy as possible for you to rearrange your travel plans. Find out more on our safety page.

If you purchased an Anytime, Off-Peak, Super Off-Peak or Advance ticket before 5 January 2021, we have temporarily removed the £10 admin fee we usually charge for changing your ticket. All changes must be made before your journey.

Advance tickets are normally non-refundable but if you are unable to change the date of your journey and no longer wish to travel, we can provide an e-voucher to cover the full cost of the ticket, that can be used at any time in the next 12 months. To apply for an e-voucher you'll need to let us know about your journey and provide a copy of your tickets; we'll do the rest.

If you didn’t buy your Advance ticket from GWR, you’ll need to get in touch with the original retailer.

Normal refund and amendment conditions apply if you bought your ticket on or after 5 January 2021.

Check our unused ticket refunds page for more information about applying for a refund if you are unable to travel.
 If you need to change your ticket:
  • You can change the time, date, or class of an Advance ticket. There's a £10 fee for each ticket, plus any increase in the fare and postal fees to send your new tickets to you. If the new fare is less, you'll still need to pay the £10, and we don't pay the difference back. Advance tickets can't be refunded unless you were unable to travel because your train was delayed or cancelled
  • Super Off-Peak, Off-Peak and Anytime tickets can be changed for a charge of £10 each, plus postal fees if applicable; if you bought online, or with our app, you’ll need to claim a refund and buy a new ticket

All changes must be made before you travel.

Tickets bought online

Log into your account online, where you can click on the booking, view more details and amend your ticket booking.

If your journey is more than five days away, we’ll send your new tickets to you – postal fees apply. If it’s within five days, you’ll need to visit a GWR station to amend your tickets.

Tickets bought at a station

Visit the train station ticket office.

Tickets bought by phone or by using the GWR App

If you need to get in touch about a ticket you have purchased you can contact a member of our Customer Support team by sending us an email at

If you’ve bought tickets through another company, you’ll need to contact them directly.

Advance Single fares vs ‘walk-up' returns

If you have Advance Single tickets for both your journeys and want to make a change to one, you may find a new Off-Peak Return fare is cheaper. A £10 admin fee for each ticket will be chargeable.

If you have Advance Single tickets for both your journeys but miss your outward leg, you may find that changing to an Off-Peak Return fare is actually cheaper. A £10 admin fee will be chargeable.

To change your tickets, you’ll need to visit a staffed GWR ticket office.