Our new Intercity Express Trains

Step on board, and enjoy more space, more comfort, and faster journeys.

As part of the biggest upgrade on the Great Western Railway, the size of our high-speed fleet is doubling. 93 new Intercity Express Trains will replace existing services by the end of 2019. You’ll see the first trains this autumn, starting with routes to Bristol, South Wales, and the Cotswolds.

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Greater comfort and space

20% more seats, all ergonomically designed, with greater legroom. Air-conditioning in all areas, and window blinds throughout.

Plus, more tables, a plug socket for everyone, and Wi-Fi throughout the train.

More accessible

At least two wheelchair spaces are available, with full access to a disabled toilet. On our longer trains, we provide four spaces.

Plus, all our toilets are now easier to use, with baby-changing facilities included too.

Improved customer information

LED information screens, inside and outside the train, giving details of the journey; updated as you go along.

And a digital reservation system, so you can see at a glance whether a seat is booked or not.

Better storage space

Overhead racks are deeper. There’s extra floor storage, and more stacks at the ends of carriages.

Plus, we’ve made it easier to store your bike; with spaces in dedicated carriages, and ceiling-mounted hooks to keep things safe.

Faster journeys

Our Intercity Express Trains accelerate faster than our current fleet, which means shorter travel times.

And, with better braking, you’ll notice a smoother and quieter ride too.

Never go hungry

With food and drink served at your seat, you won’t have to bother stocking up before you leave.

From morning coffee, to tea and cake in the afternoon, our well-stocked trolley of tasty treats should keep you happy.

GWR Intercity Express Train

Greener travel

Our Intercity Express Trains are green in more ways than one.

Whether they’re running on electric or diesel, state-of-the-art engineering means emissions and noise pollution are always kept to a minimum.

Made in Britain

Hitachi have chosen County Durham as their base to support our Intercity Express Train.

And with more than 30 British suppliers involved, several from our region, we’re proud to welcome this homegrown fleet on to our network.