Teddy Rescue

If you go down to the beach today, you're in for a big surprise...
For every bear that ever was lost, has gathered there for certain because...
Today's the day the teddys escape lost property...

The teddy bears have escaped lost property!

Do you recognise any of these shady characters? These little bears and other cute cuddly toys have been separated from their families on board our trains. Eventually, with the help of our friendly staff, they found their way to lost property in the vaults of Bristol Temple Meads Station... but now they’ve now escaped. We’ve fed and looked after them, but what they really want is to go home.

Can you help?

If you recognise any of our soft toys email us with:
  • a description of your lost toy, including any distinctive features
  • direction of escape (where they were lost)
  • their name
  • your name and phone number

The campaign

Since Teddy Rescue launched in November 2014, many people have offered to provide a new home for our lost toys, but we haven’t managed to reunite a single one with their original family. Help us get them home.

Cuddly toys not reunited with their real owner within 3 months will embark on other adventures with new friends at a children’s charity.