Luggage allowances on our trains

If you’re planning to travel with us, please think carefully about what you need for your trip.

How much luggage can you bring on our trains?

  • small cases and bags – these can be kept under your seat
  • medium-sized cases and bags – perfect for overhead racks; just like on a plane
  • larger items - up to 25 x 40 x 70cm is fine – but they normally need to be stored in the dedicated luggage areas

If you can’t find any space on the train, speak to one of our on-board staff. We may have to store your luggage in a different carriage, so make sure you label and lock your cases.

What you can’t bring

  • more than 3 pieces of luggage – or anything larger than 30 x 70 x 90cm
  • anything that might cause an injury, obstruction, or damage
  • luggage that might cause a delay when it’s being loaded and unloaded

If you are older or disabled, we can help with your journey. Find out more about Assisted Travel.