One of the various stops along the 86-mile of rail that stretches from Oxford to Hereford and is known as the Cotswold Line, Cosham Railway Station is a two-platform station that offers trains to destinations including Portsmouth and Havant.

In this 168-year period, Cosham Railway Station has been several things to the region, including a small goods facility for local freight trains in and around Portsmouth. However, this part of the station was closed in 1982 by British Rail, though the old loading gauge is still there today.

Yet while Cosham Railway Station may not be as active as a hub for local freight and industry today, it does still have an important connection with business – allowing almost a million visitors every year to get to their places of work and leisure every year.

Cosham itself has some very picturesque areas nearby too, including the Port Solent Marina that overlooks Portsmouth Harbour, and the fabulous Portchester Castle. If you find yourself at the station, why not take a look around while you’re there?


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