Sunday 7 March

Updated February 2021

What's happening

Network Rail is upgrading the overhead electric wires near London Paddington to improve the reliability and performance of our train service.

To allow this work to take place, London Paddington station will be closed on Sunday 7 March, and trains will not run between Ealing Broadway and London Paddington.

Train services across our network will be impacted by this, and customers will not be able to travel directly into London on GWR services.

Download a larger version of this map HERE.

Our travel advice

  • travel on a different day – your journey will be quicker and easier, and there will be more services to choose from
  • only travel to or through London on Sunday 7 March if you have to – most of our services will start or terminate at Reading and trains and alternative routes into London will be limited
  • if you do need to travel on this day - allow yourself plenty of time, and be prepared to change trains and travel on unfamiliar routes
  • check train times from February – online journey planners will not show the correct train service until early February. We’ll update this web page when everything is ready

Travelling to/from London

If you need to travel to or from London on this day, please use the information below:

  • Travelling to/from the Bristol area
  • Travelling to/from South Wales
  • Travelling to/from the South West
  • Travelling to/from The Cotswolds, Gloucestershire and Oxford
  • Travelling in the Reading and Thames Valley area
Other useful information

The Night Riviera Sleeper

The Night Riviera sleeper will not run in either direction on the night of Sunday 7 March. Services will resume from the night of Monday 8 March.

Travelling with a bike

Bikes must be reserved on all our long-distance services. This can be done at, at all our staffed stations or by calling our Customer Support Team.

Assisted travel

It is best to let us know in advance if you need help. To find out more visit

Toilet facilities on our trains and replacement buses

All our trains are equipped with fully accessible toilets. If you have any issues with our on-board facilities, please alert a member of staff.

Please be aware that there are no toilet facilities on TfL services (that run between Reading and Ealing Broadway). There are toilets available to use at Reading on most platforms.

If your journey involves a replacement bus, please be aware that there usually aren’t any toilet facilities available on these services. Any buses that are equipped with toilet facilities can only be used at the driver’s discretion.

Still have questions?

If there is something you would like to ask us, get in touch with our team on Social Media. Search for ‘Great Western Railway’ on Facebook or Twitter.

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