We’re making improvements to Taunton station

GWR is now running more trains to and from Taunton. To plan your journey, please visit our new timetable web page here.

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Somerset’s county town of Taunton is a key point on the Great Western route between London Paddington and the South West. The growth of the town and its importance to rail travel in the local area mean that we need to upgrade the station’s facilities, fit for current use.

Great Western Railway along with local and national partners, including the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership, Somerset West and Taunton Council, Somerset County Council and the Department for Transport, are investing to redevelop the station and its interchange facilities including:
  • a new multi-storey car park with more spaces
  • a new ticket office with better access to the town centre
  • extra cycle parking
  • an improved bus interchange
These improvements will also create a safer and enhanced pedestrian environment, becoming a fitting introduction to anyone visiting Taunton.

New Taunton Car Park Upgrades
Visual concept of the new Taunton station car park.

What you need to know:

  • construction work will be completed in phases. Locations of some station facilities may change during this time
  • the main car park on the south side will be closed until completion
  • the south side will be closed to all passengers from Monday 12 August 2019. Access to platform 2 will be via the main entrance or via platform 5 from the temporary car park
  • a temporary car park is provided on the opposite side of the station which can be found beyond the Kilkenny Car Park at TA1 1QP
  • allow additional time to reach the station
  • buses will continue to serve the station, however the location of the bus stop for the Minehead service will move. See below for details
  • train services will not be affected by this project, but be aware that other planned engineering work will affect train services during the coming months. To find out more visit GWR.com/Upgrade
Taunton Station Ticket Office Upgrades
Visual concept of the new Taunton station ticketing office.
Taunton Station Upgrades
Visual concept of the new Taunton station entrance.

Ready to open in Winter 2020

Preparatory work for the multi-storey car park started in May and will continue through to Winter 2020. The project will be completed in three separate phases:

Monday 20 May 2019 to Sunday 11 August 2019
  • the south main car park will be closed
  • pedestrian access to south side entrance remains open
  • taxi rank remains in its normal location
  • a temporary car park on the north side of the station is open
  • disabled parking spaces on the south side will be reduced. Additional spaces will be available in the temporary car park
  • Minehead bus stop is moved from the south station entrance to a temporary stop, near Dashi café on the south side
Monday 12 August 2019 to completion
  • upgrades to the entire south side begin
  • no access to the south side of the station
  • the taxi rank and disabled car parking in the south side are relocated to the north side of the station
  • the temporary bus stop will remain in place until Monday 30 September 2019. From then, buses to Minehead will depart from bus stop S4 on Station Road (near the railway bridge)
On completion of the work
  • the ticket office will be relocated from the north entrance to the new south side entrance
  • the multi-storey car park will be opened along with the additional cycle parking
  • the temporary car park on the north side will be closed
  • the taxi rank and Minehead bus stop will be moved back to their original locations with enhanced facilities

Funded and delivered in partnership with:

Taunton station upgrades funded by our partners

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