What is Service Quality Excellence?

At GWR, our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Service Quality Excellence (SQE) is the system we will be using to make sure our customers get the best service possible. Every 4 weeks we shall be publishing our results to show how we are performing.

The customer experience at our stations, on our trains and the customer service we provide, will be audited to ensure we deliver the highest possible standards.

Where we don’t meet what is expected of us at GWR, we are committed to rectifying the issues within a specific time frame.

Service Quality Regime (SQR)  Period 4 Score
Stations 78.99%
On-train 83.63%
Customer service 52.38%*
SQR Service quality area Period 4 score
Stations Ambience and assets 84.11%
Stations Cleanliness and graffiti 64.42%
Stations Information 77.40%
Stations Ticketing and staffing 90.02%
On-train Ambience and assets 93.80%
On-train Cleanliness and graffiti 85.52%
On-train Information 74.57%
Customer service Staff helpfulness 86.77%
Customer service Customer information 18.00%*
* These scores are low due to a technical problem collating the results.