Fun things to do in Hereford

This attractive market town is the hub of a rural community that’s been around for centuries. Here’s what to see and do there.

Why go there?

With a thousand years of history and the perfect blend of urban and country settings, you’d be daft not to visit the picturesque city of Hereford. Filled with exceptional architecture, mouth-watering markets and enlightening museums, it’s also the perfect base from which to explore the Herefordshire surroundings.

Where do I start?

Hereford Cathedral is the centrepiece of this rural jewel of a city. The site upon which it stands has been in use since the 8th century and part of the current building has remained standing since the 11th century.

Where should I kip?

Located near the remains of an old castle moat and two minutes’ walk from the cathedral, the Castle House was once two separate Georgian villas before they were connected in the 19th century. This elegant townhouse hotel offers absolute luxury and boutique décor in equal measure.

What’s hip?

Head on over to The Shack Revolution where two local brothers are making waves by keeping things simple, serving great craft beers, cocktails and artisan pizzas in a tastefully scruffy setting.

If I do one thing?

Wander through the spectacular Weir Garden just outside the city, taking in the stunning views of the surrounding countryside and the River Wye.

Hereford train station

7 June 2017
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