Customer panel

From how good your journeys are, to what you want from our stations and trains, and how we handle timetables and engineering works.

Our approach

Our panels represent the four regions we serve; the East and London, Central, the West, and South Wales - as well as groups who have specific needs.

They’re a great way for us to hear what you think; and we run regular surveys covering subjects from how we handle engineering work, to what we can do to improve local train services.

We also take our team around the network; giving you the chance meet us in person, and let us know what’s important to you – this year we’ve visited Bristol and Plymouth.

Our progress

At each regional meeting, we take notes and the most important issues, with regular updates, are published here.

Issue Region Comments Progress
GWR need to make buying tickets easier – especially at unmanned stations. All We recently started a trial of our own smartcard on the Severn Beach line, where customers can buy electronic season tickets.

This should make buying tickets easier, and reduce queues at stations where customers sometimes have to wait at ticket gates.

We’d like to introduce this to other areas of our network by the end of 2018, along with the roll-out of mobile ticketing.

We’re also introducing barcode readers across our network. Newton Abbot, Exeter, and Bristol already have them, and Plymouth and Truro should be ready by the end of the year.

And we’re working with Cornwall Council to install free Wi-Fi at all stations in their region; which means customers will be able to buy digital tickets at the station before boarding.

GWR need to be clearer about communicating where, and when, refurbished trains are coming.
All Over the coming months, every part of our network will be getting new, or upgraded, trains.

Before this can happen though, a huge amount of work is needed to make sure our trains and stations, as well as the tracks, are ready.

Because of this, we can’t always let you know in advance when these new trains will start running; although we use our social media channels when we do launch, and try to visit main stations if we can.
During possessions and disruption, the quality of knowledge and help from some staff is poor. All This is disappointing; everyone who works for GWR is trained to give the best customer experience possible.

We will feed this back to our recruitment and training teams.

What are GWR going to do about the reliability of the air-conditioning on the refreshed trains that have been brought to the Bristol area? 
Central We know the reliability of our air-conditioning is an important issue.

We’re working closely with our engineering teams to resolve this in time for Summer 2018.
GWR don’t promote their Assisted Travel service very well. All We are working on a simplified leaflet that will be available at all stations; as well as improving the information on our website.

We hope to have these improvements finished by the end of the year.
The role of guards has received a lot of coverage recently; what are GWR doing? All Some parts of our network already operate with drivers only.

The role of guards on our Intercity Express Trains isn’t that different to on our High Speed Trains, and we’ve not been asked to make any changes.

Our meetings

Next meeting: Didcot Parkway, February 2018

If you’d like to take part, why not join our pool of GWR customers.