Customer panel

From how good your journeys are, to what you want from our stations and trains, and how we handle timetables and engineering works.

Next meeting: Cardiff, 24 April 2018

Our approach

Our panels are held in the regions we serve; the East and London, Central, the West, and South Wales – as well as groups who have specific needs.

They’re a great way for us to hear what you think; and we run regular surveys covering subjects from how we handle engineering work, to what we can do to improve local trains services.

We also take our team around the network; giving you the chance to meet us in person and let us know what’s important to you.

Our progress

At each regional meeting we take notes and the most important issues, with regular updates, are published here.

Issue Region Comments Progress
Why is GWR’s performance so bad at the moment?
All Keeping services running through the largest upgrade of the Great Western main line is a challenge, and access for Crossrail must also be factored in.

We have a recovery plan agreed with Network Rail – and are determined to see improvement.
Why are we losing trains when you should be keeping them back?
All We negotiated with other companies to keep back as many trains as we could. But these agreements are coming to an end. More trains are arriving, but at times, stock is still limited. 
Will you be reinstating Meet the Manager sessions at stations?
All We are looking to reinstate regular sessions at some of our busiest stations and most popular routes.
During possessions and disruption, the quality of knowledge and help from some staff is poor.
All All our staff will go through new training between April and September 2018.
What are GWR doing about the reliability of the air-conditioning on the refreshed trains in the Bristol area?
We’re working closely with our engineering teams to resolve this in time for summer 2018.
GWR don’t promote their Assisted Travel service very well.
All We’re producing a leaflet that will be available at all our stations.
Off-Peak trains often leave before the ticket machine is updated; so, there is no time to buy and get to the station. Can this be looked into?
We’ll talk to the team who look after our ticket machines to see if there is a possible solution.
The new app is terrible; the old one was better.
We couldn’t keep the old one, as the supplier left the UK market. We have a significant improvement programme and have already upgraded a number of features.

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