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A countdown of the best brewery tours on the FGW route

1.Bristol Beer Factory

A no-nonsense name for a no-nonsense brewery, the Bristol Beer Factory has a dedicated following throughout the city. Private tours give you and your friends an insight into hop-based alchemy and the chance to taste what’s on tap. Make the most of FGW’s cheap train fares and catch the train to Bristol Temple Meads 

Get there: Take FGW train to Bristol Temple Meads 

2.Pipes Beer, Cardiff 

From Smoked Lager to American IPA, this Cardiff-based brewery, established in 2008, keeps it crafty with their all-natural, additive-free approach. They try to introduce two new beers each month that can be enjoyed at regular ‘Bar Open’ events. 

Get there: Take FGW train to Cardiff Central 

3.Real Ale Trail, West Country 

All aboard for a scenic tour of the West Country. Pick from a number of routes and enjoy traditional real ale at rural pubs along the way. Surfer dudes and dudettes will enjoy the Atlantic Coast line – after weaving through Cornwall the train pull into Newquay, a known location for world-class waves.

Get there: Various, see website for details

4. Brain’s Craft Brewery, Cardiff 

A newly established ten barrel craft brewery that was built upon the shoulders of legendary brewing masters, Brain’s unique blends have beer aficionado’s foaming at the mouth. The Boilermaker is a must try for visitors.

Get there: Take FGW train to Cardiff Central 

5. Meantime Brewing Company, North Greenwich

Known for their idiosyncratic flavours, Meantime Brewing Company is the largest brewery to open in London in almost a century. Highly recommended is the Bespoke Food Tasting Tour which pairs Meantime beers with a selection of dining courses.

Get there: Nearest tube, North Greenwich