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Five best London rooftop bars

To help prepare you for those hot days on the horizon, we’ve compiled this unbeatable guide to the top boozers with a view. With foreknowledge like this, you can beat the crowds as they surge on those balmy afternoons.


Skylight opens every summer, autumn and winter for three distinctly-themed seasons. While the winter stretch has an ice rink and warm wine, summer’s all about playing laid-back sports, such as croquet and pétanque, while you watch screens showing real athletes exert themselves in the World Cup and Wimbledon. Food, cocktails and music are all on offer.


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The Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales is a pub and venue – there’s a sprung wooden dancefloor – with a two-tiered roof terrace, perfect for letting your sun-starved limbs encounter some rays while you enjoy a cool beverage. Club nights include house, disco, hip-hop and more, with some well-known DJs on the roster, including Gilles Peterson.

Plus, there are plenty of Instagrammable spots!


If you can see past the name (it sounds like a VR headset) then you’ll find Netil360 has a lot to offer. A former members-only venue, it’s stocked with all the good stuff, including the obligatory local craft ales. Hackney Pizza has the food angle covered, serving freshly-made fare to order, and the terrace is delightful – serving all the views.


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Queen of Hoxton

It’s like each floor of the Queen of Hoxton caters for a different part of your personality. There’s the aspirational roof terrace, the pleasant but prosaic ground floor and the dark dungeon of your soul down in the basement. Enjoy food, dancing and open-air boozing all in one venue. There’s even cinema screenings on the terrace, so keep an out for your favourite classic flick.


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Roof East

This former rooftop carpark is now a fun open-air pub, complete with crazy golf and cars out of which trees grow (yes, trees and cars). Despite the self-conscious wackiness, Roof East has its heart in the right place. As well as boozing and eating, you can also do yoga and watch films as part of the Rooftop Film Club screenings. Another very Instagrammable spot with some fabulous views!

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