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Ten most London things to do in London

Ten most London things to do in London

Britain’s capital has so much to offer visitors, it makes the task of selecting a few definitive activities pretty much impossible, but we’ve given it a shot anyway. Do five of these and you might as well consider yourself a Londoner!

Get a bird’s-eye view on the London Eye

Take to the skies on the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel and watch the city unfold beneath you. You’ll soar 135m over the River Thames and be treated to breathtaking 360-degree views over the capital.

Whisper sweet nothings at St Paul’s Cathedral

Climb 259 steps up the dome of Sir Christopher Wren’s architectural masterpiece and you’ll reach the Whispering Gallery. The room gained its moniker thanks to a quirk in its construction, which makes a whisper against its walls audible on the other side.

See the crown jewels at the Tower of London

This UNESCO World Heritage Site was formerly a royal palace, prison and zoo and contains more than 1,000 years of the big smoke’s history.

Visit the throne room of Buckingham Palace

With more than 775 rooms, 19 state rooms and 78 bathrooms, there’s plenty to explore at this regal abode. The crowning glory, however, is the majestic throne room, which houses the sovereign seats used for investitures and the Queen’s Jubilee.

Step into the land of the lions at London Zoo

The oldest scientific zoo in the world is home to 20,000 animals. Its newest attraction will transport big-cat lovers from the streets of London to India’s Sasan-Gir National Park, where they can get up close to majestic Asiatic lions.

Marvel at wonders of the world in the British Museum

Whether you’re pushed for time or looking to learn for hours on end make sure you see Greece’s ancient Elgin Marbles, the Rosetta Stone and the Lewis Chessmen, perhaps the most famous chess set in the world.

Walk with dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum

See the first tyrannosaurus rex fossil ever found, the skull of a plant-eating triceratops, and much more.

Get your head in the clouds at The Shard

At a mighty 244m high, The Shard offers awe-inspiring panoramic views across London. Ride in the high-speed lift to the three viewing platforms on level 69, where you can gaze out at landmarks up to 40 miles away.

Wander around Westminster Abbey

The venue for 16 royal weddings and every coronation since 1066, this gothic gem is a
must-visit for history buffs.

Ride a red, double-decker bus

The lucky thing about this one is you don’t need to try very hard to find one of the most iconic forms of transport in the world when travelling the streets of London. Catch the number 24 bus and you could see Westminster Cathedral, Downing Street, Nelson’s Column, Camden Town and Hampstead Heath.

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