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Stations are often busy places. And sometimes, you need a little bit more time or some help to get everyone on board. 

That’s why we’re running a weekday priority boarding trial at London Paddington on 20 trains a day to some of our most popular destinations.

Time slots for priority boarding
09:04 Plymouth  14:04
09:37 Paignton 14:36 Plymouth
10:04 Penzance  15:04 Penzance
10:35 Exeter St Davids 15:32 Bristol Temple Meads
11:04 Plymouth  16:04 Penzance
11:32 Bristol Temple Meads 16:36 Plymouth
12:04 Penzance 17:04 Penzance
12:36 Exeter St Davids 18:04 Penzance
13:04 Penzance  18:36 Plymouth 
13:32 Bristol Temple Meads  19:04 Plymouth

How it works

All you need to do is book a slot in advance up to 6pm on the day before you travel.

Send us a text through WhatsApp on 07890 608043 and let us know:

  • what train you’re catching (it’s best to reserve your seats in advance)
  • how many adults and children in your group
  • any special requirements (like large buggies etc)
We’ll get back to you as soon as we can and let you know if we have any slots free.

When you arrive, you’ll find us on the main concourse near the ticket office - look out for the large ‘Priority boarding’ flags. One of our friendly team will then help get everyone safely on board. Easy-peasy.