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Window Seater

Have you ever wondered about the world outside your window?

As you pass through scenic countryside, vibrant cities, quirky towns, and picturesque villages, discover more about the stories behind these places with a new app, created by Window Seater. Visit for more information.

How does the Window Seater app work?

Download their app on Google or Apple stores. Then select your route from the choices listed below and you’re good to go.

Get the app.

Window Seater stories are geolocated, meaning that when you pass a point of interest, the app will notify you and the audio will play.

Once you have downloaded the guide, you can listen to it offline, so you don’t need to worry about having a stable connection.
Person holding mobile phone with Window Seater app open

Check out some of the guides that are available:

Bristol to Weymouth (The Heart of Wessex Line)

Follow the River Avon past grand old towns with rich Roman, Georgian, and industrial history, and plunge into Thomas Hardy's Wessex downlands and the Jurassic Coast.

Bristol to Worcester

Surging between the Severn River and the Cotswolds, this line traverses historic cities and natural spaces that have served as a muse for writers throughout the ages.

Swindon to Westbury (The TransWilts Line)

The TransWilts line unearths surprises hidden in the English countryside.

Bristol to Severn Beach (The Severn Beach Line)

The Severn Beach line a view of Bristol's diversity - a gritty, glitzy, creative, and historic city - and gets the traveller out into the wide-open spaces too.

London to Oxford

The line that represents the start and end of the Great Western Railway, child of the engineering genius Brunel, and forever tied into the history, trade, and culture of Great Britain.

Oxford to Hereford (The Cotswold Line)

Cutting through some of Britain's most cherished countryside is a particular treat for foodies and book worms.

Swindon to Cheltenham (The Golden Valley Line)

A line that follows rivers and canals through the Cotswolds and encompasses some of the West Country's great cities.

Reading to Basingstoke

A short, but surprising line - bookended by literary luminaries and hiding a depth of Roman history.

Reading to Gatwick (The North Downs Line)

The North Downs Line traverses picturesque river valleys and hills replete with history, tranquillity, and fabulous walking trails.

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