Our performance

We aim to be honest and open when we talk about our performance.

The age of our trains, stations and lines are still a major challenge. A huge amount of work is being carried out, and we believe our customers are now beginning to see some real benefits.

Download our full Public Performance Measure report.

Punctuality and reliability


Punctuality is the number of trains that arrive at their final station on time. The ‘on-time allowance’ is the leeway we have, to still be classed as on time.


Reliability is the number of scheduled trains that run.

Updated Friday 8 March 2019.

To track how well we are doing, view our daily performance and punctuality results.

Season ticket compensation

If we don’t meet our punctuality and reliability targets, and fall below a certain percentage, compensation will be triggered.

You can find out if you’re due a discount here.

Customer satisfaction

National Rail Passenger Survey: Autumn 2018

The National Rail Passenger Survey provides a network-wide picture of customers’ satisfaction of rail travel; with their opinions collected twice a year from a representative sample of journeys.

Overall satisfaction with the station and train, and 30 aspects of service can then be compared over time.

Overall satisfaction
Station satisfaction
Train satisfaction 76%

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