Season Ticket compensation

If you have a season ticket for a month or longer, compensation is based on whether we meet our punctuality and reliability targets. If we don't, we'll give you a discount when you renew your ticket.

Punctuality and reliability

We measure punctuality by the number of trains arriving at their final destination ‘on time’; every service has a small allowance of leeway. Our reliability is based on the number of scheduled trains that actually run.

When we pay

If we don’t meet one of our targets, and fall below a certain percentage, compensation will be triggered. If we fell below the trigger percentage in the last 12 months, we’ll give you 5% off your next season ticket. If we miss both the punctuality and the reliability targets, and fall below both triggers, we’ll give you 10%.

Charter group On-Time allowance Punctuality  Reliablity
 Target Trigger
 Target  Trigger
High Speed services*  10 minutes
 90% 88% 99.2%
London and Thames Valley services**  5 minutes
 92%  89% 99%
Bristol and Suburban services***  5 minutes
 92%  89% 99.5%
Devon services***  5 minutes
 92%  89% 99.5%
Plymouth and Cornwall services***  5 minutes
 92%  89% 99.5%
South West - South Coast services***  5 minutes
 92%  89% 99.5%
 * Former First Great Western services
** Former First Great Western Link services
*** Former Wessex Train services

All Monday to Saturday services are included in these calculations, except former First Great Western Link services. For those, we include Monday to Friday services. And we only include morning and evening peak services in the punctuality calculation. Peak services are the trains that arrive at London Paddington from 7am–10am and trains that leave London Paddington from 4pm–7pm. We don’t include Sundays and Bank Holidays in these calculations.

Annual season tickets for former Wessex Trains

If you used to buy your annual season tickets from Wessex Trains, we’re more than happy to give you the same discounts.

We’ll give you another 1% off when you renew for every four-week period that our average yearly punctuality or reliability falls below the trigger. We’ll give you a maximum of 8% off. If we fall below both triggers, we’ll give you a maximum of 16% off.

How to get your discount

If you’re entitled to a discount, we’ll take it off when you renew your ticket. To get your discount, please buy your new ticket:

  • within four weeks of the day your old ticket expires
  • for the same journey
  • for the same period of time or for a shorter period of time than your old ticket

Compensation for void days

A void day is when there’s a serious disruption at peak time, and we haven’t offered you another way to get to where you’re going – such as a replacement bus. If we think our performance falls below an acceptable level during a peak period, we’ll declare the day ‘void’ for the people affected. When this happens, we’ll get in touch by email or post. We’ll also put up posters at our stations.

We’ll explain what happened and what compensation is available– either a season ticket extension or a refund based on the number of void days.

Consumer Rights Act

Under the Consumer Rights Act, you may be able to claim extra compensation if you incur costs as a result of our failure to provide the expected service.

We look at each claim on a case-by-case basis and aim to get back to you within 20 working days.

Just send full details and any documents that may help to our Customer Support team.

Note: You must not seek to recover the same money twice. However, claiming compensation using our reclaims process does not affect any additional statutory rights you may have, for example under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 where we as a company are at fault.

For more information on the Consumer Rights Act and how it applies to the railway industry please see the FAQ produced by National Rail, which also contains a link to the National Rail Conditions of Travel:

Passenger's charter

Our Passenger's Charter tells you how we do everything we can to keep you safe and provide the right standards of care. 


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