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Season ticket refunds

You may be able to get a refund if you no longer need your season ticket.

We calculate the refund as the difference between the cost of the season ticket you originally bought, and the cost of travel made up to the date the ticket is surrendered.

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How it works

We will only process a refund if the season ticket was bought from GWR. If you bought your ticket elsewhere, contact the original retailer.

  • a refund is based on the difference between the price you paid, and the cost of a ticket for the time held.
  • unless your season ticket is loaded to a Touch Smartcard, you will need to return it to us.
  • we charge a £10 admin fee for every application made.

Season tickets offer great value for regular travellers because you pay a lot less per day for your journey compared to daily tickets. Refunds are not calculated on a pro rata basis. If there is little validity remaining when you return your ticket, you might find that there’s only a very small amount, or nothing, to refund.

If you’re ill

If you can’t use your season ticket for more than 4 weeks because of illness or injury, you can apply for a discretionary partial refund.

Let us know as soon as you can by getting in touch with our Customer Support team, or by visiting your local ticket office. We may ask for evidence to support your claim, such as a medical certificate.

Contact our Customer Support team.

Flexi Season tickets

Refunds must be applied for before the end of the ticket’s 28-day validity.

A refund is calculated by deducting the cost of an Anytime Day Return for the same journey, for each day’s travel activated, from the cost of the Flexi Season. We charge a £10 admin fee for every application made.

Find out more about Flexi Season tickets.

To find out more, visit our FAQs page.