Season Ticket refunds

If you no longer need your ticket

If you don’t use all of your season ticket, we can normally give you a refund from the date you hand it back.

We work out your refund based on the difference between the price you paid and the cost of a ticket for the time you actually used it. However, because annual tickets offer significant savings compared to paying weekly or monthly, we calculate the refundable value over 40 weeks instead of 52, so you might find there’s only a small amount, or nothing, to refund when you return it to us.

How to apply

All refunds are subject to a £10 administration fee.

To claim for a refund, fill out the form here.

If you’re ill

If you can’t use your season ticket for 4 weeks or more because of illness or injury, you can apply for a discretionary partial refund.

Let us know as soon as you can – send in a copy of your season ticket, documentation of your illness like a medical certificate, and a covering letter to our team at:


Note: You must not seek to recover the same money twice. However, claiming compensation using our reclaims process does not affect any additional statutory rights you may have, for example under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 where we as a company are at fault.

For more information on the Consumer Rights Act and how it applies to the railway industry please see the FAQ produced by National Rail, which also contains a link to the National Rail Conditions of Travel: