Night Riviera Sleeper

UPDATE: Now running on Sundays from 20 September.

To begin availability will be limited, so we recommend you book as soon as you can.

And, as we get back to normal, things will be a little different:
  • our lounge at Paddington is still not open, so please don’t arrive too early. Guests who have a cabin can use the station showers by platform 12
  • you’ll need to board the train through the lounge car – Coach C
  • we’ll provide you with some complimentary snacks, and a light bite for breakfast when you board
  • you won’t be able to sit in the lounge car, but you can still buy snacks, and hot and cold drinks to take back to your cabin
  • room service, wake-up calls, and breakfast aren’t currently available. Please check your arrival time with your host
You must wear a face-covering when you are in our stations and on our trains. If you don’t you could be fined up to £100 by the British Transport Police.

You won't have to wear a face-covering when you are in your cabin.