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Advance train tickets

Advance single tickets are one way tickets available on many of our most popular routes. They’re great value, and numbers are limited, so you’ll need to be quick.

Tickets go on sale up to 24 weeks before travel.*

At a glance

Advance tickets are for travel on specific trains and times. Make sure these are right for you before you buy.

Pros Cons
Our lowest prices* Limited availability
Single tickets. Mix and match your journeys Non-flexible (you must travel on the route, time and date shown)
Reserved seat (where available)* Non-refundable (unless you can’t travel because of cancellations or delays)

Plan ahead

Book up to 24 weeks before you travel for weekday journeys and 12 weeks for weekends.

Service Available up to
Weekdays Friday 31 May
Saturdays Saturday 11 May
Sundays Sunday 12 May

Check your journey before you travel.

Advance tickets are non-refundable.

You can change the date and/or time of your ticket at any time before you travel, but there will be an admin fee of £10. If the price of your new ticket is more expensive, you’ll need to pay the difference.

Find out more about changing your ticket.

If the train the customer purchased a ticket for is cancelled or delayed by more than 60 minutes, special arrangements will be made to accommodate them on another train (although a seat cannot be guaranteed). If the train the customer purchased a ticket for is cancelled or delayed and as a result, customers decide not to travel, a refund will be offered on completely unused tickets and they will not be charged an administration fee.

There may be rare occasions where a cheaper Advance fare becomes available closer to the time of travel, for example if a group booking is cancelled and extra seats become available. Please note that in these circumstances Advance tickets that have already been bought cannot be refunded in part or in full.

Changes to time or date of travel must be arranged before departure of the first reserved train printed on the ticket, after which the ticket has no value and a new one must be purchased. Customers will need to present the ticket(s) and reservation(s) when they request a change.

Changes to tickets cannot be made on-board the train. If customers board a train without a ticket and reservation for that service, a new ticket must be purchased.

The origin, destination and Train Company or route shown on the ticket(s) must remain the same.

The difference between the price paid and cost of the next suitable fare for the journey is payable, plus a £10 administration fee per person, per single ticket for each change to a journey. If customers change to a train on which a cheaper fare is available, the difference will not be refunded.