Book early and save, on average, more than 50%.*

Advance single tickets are available on many of our most popular routes. They’re great value, and numbers are limited, so you’ll need to be quick.

Tickets go on sale up to 24 weeks before travel.*

At a glance

Advance tickets are for travel on specific trains and times. Make sure these are right for you before you buy.



Our lowest prices* Limited availability
Single tickets. Mix and match your journeys  Non-flexible (you must travel on the route, time and date shown)
Reserved seat (where available)* Non-refundable (unless you can’t travel because of cancellations or delays)

Plan ahead

Book up to 24 weeks before you travel for weekday journeys and 12 weeks for weekends.


Available up to

Weekdays Friday 12 March**
Saturdays Saturday 27 February**
Sundays Sunday 28 February**
Check your journey before you travel.

  • *Important to know
  • **Reservations aren’t open yet on the following dates: