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Travelling with animals

Whether you’re planning an all-day outdoor adventure or a short trip, we want you and your pets to travel safely and comfortably.

  • each customer can bring up to two dogs, cats, or other small domestic animals, for free. Dogs must be on a lead, or in a rigid pet carrier. All other pets must be in a pet carrier. You’ll need to keep them off the seats and make sure they don't take up space that customers could use
  • extra pets cost half the adult fare for the type of ticket you’ve got, up to £5 for a single and £10 for a return
  • if you have an assistance dog and need help, call our Passenger Assist team on 0800 197 1329 (open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • only assistance dogs are allowed in the Pullman dining car
  • First Class ticket holders can bring dogs into our lounges, if they are on a lead
Find out more about bringing animals on the train.