Our vision

We want a Greater West for all of our passengers, stakeholders and colleagues.

We want a Greater West for all of our passengers, stakeholders and colleagues.

When Isambard Kingdom Brunel built the Great Western Railway back in the 1830s, he connected communities for the first time and turned the West into a vibrant region open to trade and tourism.

Train travel is just as important today, and we want to bring back those ideals to deliver a 21st century railway we can all be proud of.


Changing our name isn’t just about new signs, uniforms, or even the colour of our trains. It’s about doing things differently.

Putting you first

From greeting you at the station, to our friendly on-board teams, we make sure every smile given, every bag carried, every snack served helps make your journey safe, comfortable and enjoyable.

Investing in the future

A 21st century railway means modern stations, electric lines and faster, more efficient trains. As well as electrifying key routes, we’re modernising many of our stations and we’re undertaking one of the biggest fleet upgrades in the country:

  • our largest ever investment in new and upgraded trains
  • 9,600 more seats across our network every day by 2018
  • more direct trains for Devon and Cornwall; and faster services between London and Oxford, South Wales, Bristol and the South West
  • £50 million invested in better customer information, CCTV and car parking at our stations
  • a £2.2 million fund to support service and station development in areas of social need

All this can’t happen overnight. It’s a huge step and will take time.

We’re proud to have the chance to take Brunel’s ideals into the 21st century.

Building a Greater West

Why we're spending £7.5 billion to build you a Great Western Railway.

Helping the West become Greater again

Together, we can help make our region, and our people, prosper.