If you arrive at your destination 15 or more minutes late because your GWR train was delayed or cancelled, you can claim Delay Repay compensation.

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How it works

How much you get will depend on the type of ticket you have and how late you arrived at your destination.

Pay out rates

Length of delay
Single tickets
Return tickets
Season tickets
(% cost of a return journey)*
 15 - 29 minutes
 30 - 59 minutes
60 - 119 minutes
Over 120 minutes
*How we work out the cost of a return journey:
  • weekly ticket: 1/5 of the ticket price
  • flexi season ticket: 1/8 of the price
  • monthly ticket: 1/20 of the ticket price
  • annual ticket: 1/232 of the ticket price
If you have a carnet or rover ticket, we divide the price you paid by the number of days it is valid for to give a daily return rate.

Delay Repay calculator

See how much you could claim back with Delay Repay. We can pay by bank transfer, debit/credit card, cheque, or voucher.

Or, you can donate your compensation to our chosen charity, Action for Children

Delay Repay Calculator

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How to claim

We need to receive your claim within 28 days of your delay. Make sure you include a clear copy of your ticket or Smartcard: *we can only pay by cheque, voucher, or charity donation for paper claims.

Frequently asked questions

  • What information do I have to provide?
  • What proof of purchase do I need to submit?
  • I travelled with a group, do I need to claim for each ticket separately?
  • How will I be paid?
  • Can I claim compensation for other travel problems/additional losses?
  • Why was my claim rejected?
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