Meet the new pay-as-you-go GWR touch smartcard

You can now effortlessly tap in and out of selected stations in a new pay-as-you-go travel area. Plus, get best value on the day of travel*, with all your train tickets and payments rolled into one using your GWR touch smartcard.

GWR card icon Paperless - leave the faff of tickets behind and just breeze through the barriers

GWR train iconAll train operators - valid on GWR, CrossCountry and Transport for Wales rail services in the pay-as-you-go area

GWR money iconBest value fares*, automatic payments - walk-up fares, plus Weekly Season ticket price capping

GWR Delay Repay icon Delay Repay notifications** - we’ll let you know if your journey was delayed and you’re eligible to claim Delay Repay

Order your free GWR smartcard now

Get your GWR touch smartcard now and enjoy pay-as-you-go travel with GWR.
  • register for an account or login if you already have one
  • go to ‘Manage smartcards’ within your account and choose ‘Apply for a smartcard’ from the drop-down menu
  • fill out the form and submit your order
  • you should usually receive your free smartcard within five working days

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*Get the best value on walk-up fares for the day of travel, plus Weekly Season ticket price capping applied to end-to-end journeys between two stations over a Monday – Sunday 7-day week. Excludes Advance Single tickets. For more details, see How much will I be charged using pay-as-you-go below.

**If your journey with GWR is delayed by 15 minutes or more you can claim compensation under our Delay Repay scheme. If your journey with CrossCountry is delayed by 30 minutes or more you can claim compensation under their Delay Repay scheme.

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Full pay-as-you-go terms and conditions

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