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GWR Season Tickets

No matter how you commute, GWR has just the ticket. Explore all the flexible and cost-effective commuter products we have to offer.

Train season ticket types

Commuting has changed, and everyone’s commuting needs are different. At GWR we want to ensure we have a product that caters to yours. From working 5 days a week in the office to going in a couple of days a month; we have the solution for you.

GWR IET puling into station with staff on platform

If you’re frequently travelling between the same two stations 3 or more days a week; you’ll likely save money with a weekly season ticket.

Buy weekly season tickets

Three customers sitting at a First Class table in GWR's First Class carriage

If you’re buying a weekly season ticket every week, a monthly season ticket could be the best option, valid for a full calendar month.

Buy monthly season tickets

Two passengers sitting at a table on a GWR train

The best savings for those that travel between the same two stations. This option gives you unlimited, annual travel – up to 12 weeks free.

Buy annual season tickets

Passenger on GWR train sitting at table looking out of window

The new Flexi Season e-ticket offers 8 days of travel in 28 days - any time between two stations.

Find out more about Flexi Season tickets

Customer tapping smartphone against reader on ticket barrier

Need a bit more flexibility with your season ticket? We have the option to create custom season tickets to suit your needs.

Buy custom season tickets

Passenger stowing luggage away in GWR's First Class carriage

Want to travel in style? Upgrade your season ticket to enjoy all the benefits of First Class, including access to First Class lounges.

Find out more about First Class seating

Season ticket calculator

Use our season ticket calculator to find out how much your season ticket will cost.

Go to season ticket calculator

Monthly season auto-renewal

Monthly season auto-renewal allows customers to have their season ticket automatically issued to their Smartcard on a monthly basis - with the 12th ticket for free.

Find out more about auto-renewal.

Automated Delay Repay notifications

If you use a GWR smartcard to tap in and out when using your season ticket, you can get Automated Delay Repay notifications.

Automated Delay Repay makes it easier than ever before to get compensation if you’re delayed.

Find out more about Automated Delay Repay.

Train season ticket add-ons

Save even more time and money with these add-ons for your train season ticket:

Are you a new season ticket holder?
  • take a passport-sized photo to your local ticket office, along with a form of ID
  • fill out an application form
  • you will then be given a photocard to buy your season ticket
Renewing your train season ticket?
  • check your photocard is still valid
  • renew at your local ticket office or online
Get help with season ticket refunds here.

Commute your way


Smart ticketing

Hassle and paper free smart ticketing – the only option for Flexi Season tickets.