You may be able to get your money back if you are no longer travelling.

Refunds are processed within 28 days of submitting a claim.

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How it works

We will only process a refund if the ticket was bought from GWR. If you bought your ticket elsewhere, contact the original retailer.
  • we need to receive your claim within 28 days of the ticket's expiry
  • we charge a £10 admin fee* for every application made
  • refunds are for unused tickets. If your GWR journey was delayed, you can claim Delay Repay
*The fee will be waived if you do not travel because your train is delayed or cancelled

Anytime, Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets

You can claim a refund if you didn’t travel.

Advance tickets

These tickets are non-refundable unless you didn’t travel because your train was delayed or cancelled. You may be able to change the journey date or time without paying a fee.

Find out more about changing your ticket

Season tickets

We calculate any refund from the day the ticket is returned to us. We work out what is due based on the difference between the price you paid and the cost of a ticket for the time held.

Find out more about season ticket refunds

Flexi Season tickets

Refunds must be applied for before the end of the ticket’s 28-day validity.

A refund is calculated by deducting the cost of an Anytime Day Return for the same journey, for each day’s travel activated, from the cost of the Flexi Season.

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  • Ticket machine price guarantee
  • Other losses or costs
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