Unused ticket refunds

If you travelled, but were delayed, visit our compensation page

  • if the GWR train you planned to catch was cancelled or delayed, and you didn’t travel, you can claim a full refund
  • if you decided not to travel for any other reason, we will charge a £10 admin fee for every application made
To help us deal with your enquiry within 28 days, please make sure you post your refund application to: Freepost GWR REFUNDS

If you send your application to any other GWR address, it will take us at least 20 working days to reply.

How to apply

Refunds work differently depending on the type of ticket and where you bought it. You must claim your refund within 28 days of the ticket’s expiry date.

Anytime, Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets

You can claim a refund for any reason if you didn’t travel. 

Advance tickets

You can only claim a refund if you couldn’t travel due to a delay or cancellation.