Unused ticket refund

  • How do I claim for a refund on my unused ticket?
  • Can I claim a refund on my unused ticket due to disruption?
  • How will I know if my refund has been processed?
  • Where can I check the amount of my refund?

Delay Repay

  • Can I claim compensation for a delayed journey?
  • What do I do if I miss my connection?
  • How does Delay Repay work if my journey involved more than one leg or train operator?
  • What happens if I purchase a ticket from GWR for travel with another Train Operator, and my train is delayed?
  • What information do I have to provide to make a Delay Repay claim?
  • What proof of purchase do I need to submit a Delay Repay claim?
  • I travelled with a group, do we need to claim Delay Repay for each ticket separately?
  • I travelled with split tickets. How do I claim Delay Repay?
  • How do you work out my Delay Repay compensation (daily, weekly or rover ticket holders)?
  • I am a monthly or longer season ticket holder. Can I claim Delay Repay?
  • I'm trying to complete a Delay Repay claim but I can't find the scheduled train I travelled on in Journey Details. What do I do?
  • How will my Delay Repay compensation be paid out?
  • Can I claim compensation for other travel problems/additional losses using Delay Repay?
  • I decided not to travel because of a disruption. Can I claim Delay Repay?
  • How do I know my Delay Repay claim was successfully submitted?
  • I don't agree with the Delay Repay compensation amount I have been given. What should I do?
  • Why was my Delay Replay Claim rejected?
  • You have rejected my Delay Repay claim and stated the service was operated by another train operator. What happens now?
  • My online account is showing my Delay Repay claim has been approved, but I haven’t received my payment. What should I do?

Other journey issue

  • Can I get compensation if I didn't get a seat on the train?
  • Can I make a claim for failed assistance?
  • Can I claim compensation for other travel problems or additional losses incurred because of journey disruption?
  • Can I claim a refund on the excess payment I have had to make because I forgot to carry my Railcard?