Passenger Assist

Passenger Assist is a national system used by all train operating companies, which allows us to make the necessary arrangements for your journey.

If you have a disability, non-visible disability, or are elderly you can pre-book assistance with just one call to our dedicated team on 0800 197 1329 (09:00 - 22:00 Monday to Sunday). Alternatively, you can also make a booking by using our online form below.

We can make sure you get all the help you need for your journey and will arrange everything, including changes, and connections that involve other train companies. You just need to let us know by 22:00 the day before your journey.

Purchasing travel tickets, (including, where available cheaper advance fares), can be done at the same time you call to book assistance, all within a single transaction.

If you need to speak to someone outside of the hours 09:00-22:00 about an assistance request, you can do so via the Rail Delivery Group, on 0800 022 3720 (24 hours a day).

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Required assistance

GWR train services can carry manual or powered wheelchairs up to the following dimensional and weight limitations: Width 700mm, Length (including footplates) 1200mm, Weight (including passenger) 300kg.

Outward journey

Please tell us about how you will be arriving at the station. In order to help us provide you with the correct assistance, please arrive at your departure station 30 minutes before your train leaves and contact a member of staff.


Return journey

Please tell us about how you will be departing the station.


Do you agree for your personal and journey data to be gathered and held within the Passenger Assist booking system for two years, and made available to all Train Operating Companies and Network Rail for all your bookings, in order that they can arrange and carry out assistance on your behalf?*

From time to time we need to share Passenger Assist data with the Rail Regulator, their research suppliers and our own research suppliers to conduct research in order to drive customer journey improvements. Do you agree to be contacted regarding your experience?*

The information you have provided will only be used for administering your Passenger Assist request. To find out more, read our Privacy Policy.

Feedback or complaints

You can contact our customer support team through either:

If we don’t give you the support, you booked

All individual train operating companies have their own recompense policies, which can be found within their own Accessible Travel Policies. If you travel with GWR and your booked assistance fails, you will be compensated. If GWR fails to provide your booked assistance this will be 100% of the cost of a single ticket, or 50% if a return ticket is held. If another train company was responsible for the failure, you can contact them directly, or we can liaise with them on your behalf and provide you with a full explanation in response, including why it happened and what mitigating actions we intend to take as a result.

The compensation scheme set out above does not limit or exclude your other legal rights to compensation under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, or Equalities Act 2010. If you believe this applies to your journey, please contact our Customer Support team who we will take each case on its merits and respond appropriately.

Where assistance has not been provided due to a delay, and both Delay Repay and Assisted Travel redress could apply, you will be entitled to whichever value is the highest but will not be able to claim both.

For information regarding your rights when you are travelling as a consumer, including under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, see