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Doctor Who: Time Fracture

When is Doctor Who: Time Fracture?

This year, Dr Who: Time Fracture will be showing in London from 7 January until 5 June 2022.

What to expect from Doctor Who: Time Fracture

The Universe as we know it is at stake – now it’s your turn to step up and become the hero. You’ll be transported to impossible places, confront monsters beyond your wildest imagination and meet ancient alien civilizations along the way. Take a journey through time and space to save all existence as we know it with this Doctor Who immersive experience.

From producers behind London’s longest-running and critically acclaimed immersive theatre production, The Great Gatsby – and officially licensed by BBC Studios – Doctor Who: Time Fracture is recruiting adventurers now.

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How to get to Doctor Who: Time Fracture

Transport yourself to Doctor Who: Time Fracture couldn’t be easier. Simply grab yourself a train to London Paddington Station with GWR and jump on the No.7 London Bus on Praed Street for a short trip to Oxford Street, where ‘another world’ is nearby at Unit HQ on Davies Mews! (No sonic screwdrivers are required for travel!)

So why not book yourself on one of our trains to London and experience the world of Doctor Who: Time Fracture with your own eyes.