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Monthly season auto-renewal

If you are looking to automatically pay monthly for a season ticket with your 12th month free, then monthly season auto-renewal is just the ticket.

What is monthly season auto-renewal?

Monthly season auto-renewal is an exclusive smartcard product to help save money and time if an annual season ticket isn’t for you.

Instead of having to renew your season ticket online or at the station every month, we’ll automatically renew it before it expires so you just need to touch in on a smartcard reader to add your new season ticket. Plus, if you auto-renew the same monthly season ticket 11 times in a row your 12th is free, including the London Travelcard on your season ticket, saving even more money.

You can buy and set up monthly season auto-renewal on your GWR Touch Smartcard on most of our network.

Use our handy tool to discover if monthly season auto-renewal season tickets are available for you.

Please note - If either your origin or destination station is London, please select ‘London Paddington’.

Monthly season auto-renewal scheme checker

Once you’ve set-up monthly season auto-renewal, you will receive a reminder via email 14 days before your ticket renewal date. You can then change any of the following: the ticket renewal date by up to 14 days, the payment card, the station to collect your season ticket or cancel your renewal.

If you don't need to make any changes, payment for your season ticket is taken seven days before the renewal date. Your season ticket will be loaded onto your smartcard the first time that you touch in following its renewal.

You can cancel your monthly season auto-renewal at any time.

How do I set up monthly season auto-renewal?

If you already have a smartcard:

  • login to your GWR account via our season ticket purchase portal
  • choose your monthly season ticket and tick to setup a ‘monthly season auto-renewal’ during your purchase
  • submit your order

You can load your monthly season ticket onto your smartcard after two hours at your nominated station using a smartcard reader.

If you don’t have a smartcard:

  • register for a GWR account or login if you already have one
  • go to ‘Manage smartcards’ within your account and choose ‘Apply for a smartcard’ from the drop-down menu
  • fill out the form and submit your order

You’ll receive your new Touch Smartcard within 5 working days. Once your smartcard arrives, choose your monthly season ticket and make sure ‘monthly season auto-renewal’ is selected during your purchase.