Meet the new pay-as-you-go GWR touch smartcard

Soon, you’ll be able to effortlessly tap in and out of selected stations in a new pay-as-you-go travel area. Plus, get best value on the day of travel*, with all your train tickets and payments rolled into one using your GWR touch smartcard.

GWR card icon Paperless - leave the faff of tickets behind and just breeze through the barriers

GWR train iconAll train operators - valid on GWR, CrossCountry and Transport for Wales rail services in the pay-as-you-go area

GWR money iconBest value fares*, automatic payments - walk-up fares, plus Weekly Season ticket price capping

GWR Delay Repay icon Delay Repay notifications - we’ll let you know if your journey was delayed and you’re eligible to claim Delay Repay

Get ready and pre-order your free GWR smartcard now

Coming soon in late August 2022, get your GWR touch smartcard now and we’ll let you know when you can start enjoying pay-as-you-go travel with GWR.
  • register for an account or login if you already have one
  • go to ‘Manage smartcards’ within your account and choose ‘Apply for a smartcard’ from the drop-down menu
  • fill out the form and submit your order
  • you should usually receive your free smartcard within five working days

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*Get the best value on walk-up fares for the day of travel, plus Weekly Season ticket price capping applied to end-to-end journeys between two stations over a Monday – Sunday 7-day week. Excludes Advance Single tickets. For more details, see How much will I be charged using pay-as-you-go below.

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