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Automated Delay Repay

No forms. No hassle. No worries.

Automated Delay Repay makes getting compensation easier than ever for customers who:

If your journey is delayed by 15 minutes or more, we'll notify you within 48 hours, tell you how much you're entitled to, and fill in your claim.

All you need to do is review and accept your claim. And if something doesn't look right, you can make any changes you need.

So sit back, relax, and leave the rest to us.

Who can get Automated Delay Repay?

You’ll be eligible for Automated Delay Repay if you opt in to receive Automated Delay Repay notifications and:

How can I sign up for Automated Delay Repay?

It's simple.

If you buy an Advance ticket on our website, or use pay-as-you-go or season tickets on a GWR smartcard, you can opt-in for Automated Delay Repay.

You'll need to login or register for a Delay Repay account.

To get Automated Delay Repay, your GWR account and Delay Repay account will need to use the same email address.

How to get Automated Delay Repay if you already have a Delay Repay account

  1. Login to your Delay Repay account
  2. Select 'Automated claims' from the menu
  3. Select the option to opt in for Automated Delay Repay notifications

How to get Automated Delay Repay if you're creating a new Delay Repay account

  1. Register for a new Delay Repay account
  2. Fill in your details – make sure you enter the same email address that you use for your GWR account
  3. By default, you'll be opted in for Automated Delay Repay notifications
  4. Complete your registration

What should I do if the email address for my Delay Repay account is different to my GWR account?

If your email address is different, you will need to create a new Delay Repay account, using the email address linked to your GWR account. This is so we can match your accounts and send you Automated Delay Repay notifications.

How does Automated Delay Repay work?

Automated Delay Repay on GWR trains

If your journey is delayed by 15 minutes or more, we'll notify you by email within 48 hours. The email will contain a link, where you can view and confirm your GWR Delay Repay claim.

We'll fill in your journey and ticket details to save you time. You can confirm the claim or make any changes.

Automated Delay Repay for other train operators

If you aren't travelling on a GWR service, we'll still send you a notification within 48 hours. You'll then need to process your claim directly with the train operator.

Your email will contain a link with your journey details. We'll also tell you who your train operator was, so you can contact them directly.

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