Keeping you safe

  • What are you doing to keep us safe when travelling?
  • What guidance should I follow when planning my journey by train?
  • What additional cleaning do you do on your trains because of Covid-19?

Face coverings

  • Do I need to wear a face covering when travelling with GWR?
  • What is a face covering?
  • Will face coverings be provided or available to buy at the station?
  • Where does this apply – just on trains or at stations too?
  • Can’t I just pull my t-shirt up around my face?
  • Do children require face coverings?
  • Can I remove my face covering to eat or drink?
  • Do disabled people need to wear a face covering?
  • Why are people allowed on my train without face coverings?

Travel advice

  • What is the most recent travel advice?
  • Will my voucher be extended if I've not used it during lockdown?
  • What happens if government advice on travel changes?
  • Is there a way I can receive updates about my intended journey?
  • How do I reserve a seat?
  • How do I reserve a bike space?
  • I need assistance when travelling, will that still be available?
  • Can I use cash?